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The Advantages of Video for Safety and Training

22 Apr The Advantages of Video for Safety and Training

There’s no one right way when you’re producing a safety-training or on-boarding video. But one thing is for sure – a video will have a much longer lasting impact than a brochure or power point.

You can choose different styles or production techniques, like videotaping on location and showing the right and wrong ways to go about a task. Video and still shots can be combined with a voice-over or an on-camera host, or you can deliver the training material on camera, speaking to the audience and demonstrating the process. This works well when there are multiple steps to understand and carry out. Professional hosts are easy to understand, present well on camera and deliver a message that is consistent with your company guidelines. You can also add supporting graphics to deliver key points on-screen.

Finally, another option is using actors to role play and illustrate the points you’re trying to get across to your viewers. You might act out the proper technique, or common mistakes and pitfalls. The right solution depends on your objectives and your production budget.

A good production company will understand your goals-and present different ways to achieve them. And at the end of the production, you’ll have a consistent message to deliver to your employees for safety, training and on-boarding.

Video presentations work well in an on-screen world. To see why,  click this link.

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