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Safety on the Brain: 5 Benefits of Employee Safety Videos

10 May Safety on the Brain: 5 Benefits of Employee Safety Videos

Employee Safety VideosSafety regulations and protocols are required to be standardized by many different industries and can be rather extensive and complex. Employee safety videos ensure that nothing is lost in translation and greatly reduces the overall cost of training and orientation. As an internal corporate communication tool, video is by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious and versatile. See why we have safety on the brain!

Benefits of Employee Safety Videos

Incorporating video into employee safety training can provide a wide range of benefits including:

1. Message Continuity

Whether you’re inducting new staff or conducting a refresher training course for current employees, using video to deliver a safety message will ensure that everyone receives the same message…the same way. Plus, as new information is rolled out, health and safety videos provide proof and documentation that these new standards were introduced to employees. Consistency is key to company training, it not only benefits employees, but is also good for overall business health.

2. Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

It is said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Traditional workplace training included a giant manual of notes, however, you can see, our brains love the visuals. Video is primarily visual, but it actually incorporates a variety of learning styles. Videos can deliver a much more efficient and effective message (including aural, visual, read/write and kinesthetic) than text or spoken word alone – especially when trying to describe a particular technique. Which brings us to engagement….

3. Engage Viewers

No matter how descriptive a written manual may be, it’s so much easier to understand critical safety techniques (such as how to operate a big machine) when trainees see it performed on a training video. A properly produced training video will explain this information in about half the time as text alone. And it will be less confusion, too. With videos, viewers will understand and recall more of the abstract concepts to keep everyone safe on the job.

Employee Safety Videos4. Send the Message Home

Video does an excellent job tapping into people’s emotions. Whether it be for safety at work, corporate training or automobile advertising, messages are much more likely to be remembered if it is engaging and has impact. Think about using a “shock value” to not only ensure that your audience receives the message, but that it sneaks its way into their sub consciousness. Video engages and motivates employees in a way that text-based communication can’t; it provides that human element, making viewers feel as though they are being personally mentored.

5. Track Completion

Corporate training can be time-consuming, but videos allow employees to access the training and course content from anywhere at any time. Get the insight you need to track attendance for employee safety course completion. These valuable analytics will help you gauge who has received the training and who hasn’t. It gives managers the peace-of-mind that everyone is consistently receiving the same message (see number 1).

Shamrock Communications Employee Safety Videos

An employee safety video provides that additional layer of instruction for a deeper, richer experience. It eliminates the time and resources needed for in-person training and allows companies to easily connect and engage employees for all their corporate training needs. Whether you’re training new employees on safety issues or are looking to update your outdated safety program for continuing education, Shamrock can illustrate engaging ways to share safety and orientation information. Contact us to learn more today!

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