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Corporate Branding Videos that Entertain First, Sell Second

28 Sep Corporate Branding Videos that Entertain First, Sell Second

Corporate Branding VideosEvery minute, more than sixty hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. As our lives become more and more saturated with media, brands have to get creative in attempts to reach customers. Corporate branding videos that add value are the ultimate goal; going viral is the dream. But what is it that makes our audience stay engaged and press the share button on social media sites, like Facebook? One common factor… they entertain.

Today’s audience is watching on every device, on every platform…pretty much everywhere. So, as the competition for viewer attention continues to intensify, companies need to know the best practices for capturing and retaining customer attention. It’s time to shift the focus away from selling.

Corporate Branding Videos First Entertain

Corporate branding videos and storytelling are hot trends in brand marketing today, but many are still missing the mark when it comes to creating the content that consumers actually want to watch and share with their friends. Spoiler alert: entertainment prevails.

The results are in. Research shows that producing videos that aim to tell stories first and sell second can help brands gain a loyal, engaged audience. Corporate branded videos that aim to entertain, inform or inspire with meaningful content are more effective at persuasion than traditional hard sell advertisements that focus on selling the product or service. But not all stories are created equally; for example, some tug on the emotional heart strings while others can be educational or even action-packed. But you better do it fast…

Connect and Communicate

You only have about 8 seconds for someone to decide whether they’re going to watch the whole video.

This brings us to our next point, connecting with your audience.

Another common theme in successful corporate branding videos is that they tell a story and communicate with viewers’ emotions. Because of our short attention spans today, it’s critical to develop a storyline that quickly engages and informs your audience from the get-go.

Powerful corporate branding videos are created to drive the viewer to the unescapable conclusion that yours is the only product or service for them. So, whether your goal is to increase sales or raise brand awareness, your audience should have no doubt about your purpose and should feel an immediate bond. And then keep them watching.

Long-Form Videos

It’s time to think outside the 30-second box and tell a story that your viewers will care about. Long-form content, defined as videos longer than one minute, tend to drive engagement and improve recall.

The sweet spot to make your audience smile? Depending on the story you have to share, it could range up to a few minutes long while instructional/how-to content could range up to five minutes.


Dynamic Corporate Branding Videos by Shamrock Communications

Does your video content command consumer attention? It can and it should.

The crew at Shamrock Communications loves working with dynamic clients who are looking to expand their digital outreach through corporate branding videos. We offer all the tools you need and craft videos that offer a solution; it’s just how we roll. For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.

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