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Create a Captivating Experience at Your Booth with Trade Show Video

02 Feb Create a Captivating Experience at Your Booth with Trade Show Video

Trade Show Video

An informative and engaging trade show video has the power to captivate an audience and build business. Add a touch of entertainment and it can draw attendees to your booth, hold them there and spark a conversation.

Delivered correctly, a trade show video could answer questions (before they’re even asked), offer insight on products or services and speed up the sales process. But, to draw prospects to your booth, the promotional video must be engaging enough to grab (and hold) the crowd’s curiosity, clear enough to quickly communicate your message and versatile enough to speak to a wide audience.

Thinking about using a promotional video for your next trade show? Below are six guidelines to consider.

6 Guidelines to Create A Promotional Trade Show Video

  1. Engage Visually- You really only have seconds to grab the attention of people walking by. But your video must be able to engage the prospect’s attention long enough so you can deliver your message. Quality video content is all about being able to say as much as possible in as little time as possible.
  2. Consider Sound- Consider using music with visually appealing graphics integrated into the video. Narratives, on the other hand, will only get lost against the PA system.
  3. Clarify Call-To-Action- A strong call-to-action is a must so the viewer knows exactly what to do after watching the video. Do you want them to speak with the staff right then and there or submit their business card so you can follow up with them at a later time? The goal is to persuade them to take action.
  4. Put it On Repeat– Whatever your call to action is, keep the message short. Set it up to loop and play back so you don’t have to keep starting it over. This makes your job easier.
  5. Elevate and Attract- Make your video available from a distance. Monitors should be elevated slightly so that those standing in front don’t block the view from capturing others passing by. You want as many people as possible to view your video.
  6. Use It. Then Reuse It- In addition to using trade show videos at your booth, you can use the video on your website blog as a pre-show teaser, as a post-event recap or embed it on a follow-up email to prospects incorporating a special message or promotion.

Trade Show Video by Shamrock Communications

Trade show videos and presentations are different from videos that are for online messaging, corporate communications or commercials. The goal is to cut through the clutter, create a buzz and draw in customers to your booth. When designed appropriately with a strong marketing strategy, trade show videos can be a very useful method to engage attendees, boost sales and get the most out of your tradeshow ROI.

At Shamrock Communications, our experts will work with you to expand your digital outreach through trade show video and create a presentation that conveys your company’s culture and messaging- quickly and captivating.

We offer all the tools you need, it’s just how we roll. For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.

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