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How to Create a Personalized Onboarding Experience with Digital Media Content

18 May How to Create a Personalized Onboarding Experience with Digital Media Content

Digital Media ContentFor many organizations, the onboarding process has become a strategic priority; not only to attract and retain the best talent, but also to properly prepare employees for the job. When done correctly, onboarding experiences offer a fresh opportunity to drive lifetime loyalty, improve employee satisfaction, and provide new hires with clear role specifics. Dynamic corporate digital media content, such as onboarding videos, play an important role in bringing content to life.

Competing for Top Talent with Corporate Video

All companies have the unique opportunity to impact an employee’s first days and weeks on the job through the onboarding process. It’s the first piece of the puzzle toward a larger goal of creating long-term employee engagement and company growth.

And in today’s candidate-driven market, prospects are looking to a company’s digital media content to get a feeling for their values and cultural fit. Employees want (and expect) more than just a quick intro to the company they just joined. They’re looking for an interactive experience. They want a comprehensive understanding of the organization, their role, and how they can grow professionally. If not, they may leave. In fact, research has found that over 30% of people have quit a job within the first six months.

Why so early? According to a recent survey by BambooHR, the top five reasons U.S. workers gave for leaving new jobs shortly after being hired included:

  1. Changing mind on the type of work/career path
  2. Work was different than expected
  3. Difficulty working with boss
  4. Didn’t receive enough training
  5. The job wasn’t fun

Knowing their expectations, and how to meet them, is critical to an organization’s success when competing for top talent. It makes sense to ensure that the messages portrayed in marketing materials, on the website and through the onboarding process accurately reflect the job description as well as the workplace culture and values.

Consistency in Digital Media Content Messaging

Chances are, the new employee was drawn to your organization by its reputation, including its digital brand. Positive first impressions are key. To create a sense of consistency throughout the entire onboarding experience, managers need to extend that positive first impression in brand messaging across all digital media content channels from Twitter to training through their first year of employment (and beyond).

For example, if you have positioned your company on Facebook as the hottest place to work in New Jersey, ensure that feeling has also been built into your onboarding process.

Onboarding through Digital Media Content

There is a direct link between effective employee onboarding experiences and increased engagement and productivity. Therefore it just makes sense to prioritize with a formal onboarding program. Dynamic and media-rich videos not only bring content to life, but also help employees engage with them.

At Shamrock Communications, we help businesses create exceptional onboarding experiences through video. Go beyond the print manual and strengthen employee retention rates; for more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions.

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