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Creating A Commercial for the Web – 4 Essential Elements of Persuasion

25 May Creating A Commercial for the Web – 4 Essential Elements of Persuasion

When creating content for online marketing, the best thing you can do is actually not make marketing content. What was that you said? You heard us right. Viewers today are used to DVR and On Demand and have no intention of watching an obvious advertisement. Businesses need to embrace the fact that creating a video commercial for the web is more about telling an engaging story than is about selling your product.

Creating A Commercial for the Web – Essential Elements of Persuasion

And guess what? The outcome of most sales is determined before you ever even say a word. It all boils down to the fine art of persuasion. Persuasion is key for digital ads and pretty much every aspect of marketing. It is based in truth, honesty and inquisitiveness as well as the ability to tell a powerful story.

Our communication experts at Shamrock Communications have put together four essential elements of persuasion to include in creative business commercials for the web.

1. Anticipate and Identify Problems for Customers

Anticipate any problems and point them out (with a solution) to show that that you are actually thinking about your customers’ needs. Grab your viewer’s attention at that moment when they realize they need to find an answer for something and then keep them engaged to watch the rest of your video for the solution (how you can help)! Which brings us to: offering a solution.

2. Offer the Solution

The first step is to relate with your viewers and show that you can empathize with their problems. Clearly communicate how you will offer the perfect solution for their needs and solve their problems to capture and keep their attention throughout the entire commercial.

Remember, your audience is probably only interested in what you are selling to the extent where it directly solves a problem for them. So, show them what you can do…don’t assume they will connect the dots themselves.

3. Present Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unless you are promoting strange businesses like a mourner rental service (look it up, it really exists), you are not the only one fighting for market share in your industry. And your potential customers are aware of this. So, you need to present your unique selling proposition. What makes you better you’re your competition? What can your viewers really get from doing business with you that they can’t from anywhere else?

It is unmatchable prices? Lightning-fast, stellar customer service? Desirable bonus features? Special discounts?

Communicate the standout values in your digital commercial to convince your customers that you can not only provide solutions to their frustrating problems, but that you are the best of the best.

4. Invite Them to Take Action

Your commercial video should be exciting and entertaining, but amusement is not the only reason you want customers to watch. You really want them to retain the information and take action after they watch it.

Lastly, invite your audience to take that next step (which will solve their problem…refer to number 1). You don’t need to be pushy (actually, you shouldn’t be pushy); but you cannot skip out on this important step. Tell them what to do, where to go, who to talk to, etc. Don’t leave any questions unanswered.

Commercial for the Web

Create Your Next Persuasive Commercial for the Web with Shamrock Communications

Whether you’re creating an automobile commercial for the web or a point of sale video, we know how to reach your customers through great visuals and audio. More and more businesses are seeking the services of production companies that can offer them professional digital videos through video production, digital brochures, interactive apps, mobile videos and commercials for the web. We offer all the tools you need, it’s just how we roll. For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.

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