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Why Episodic Content Is a Must-Have for Video Branding

10 Jun Why Episodic Content Is a Must-Have for Video Branding

Video BrandingEpisodic video content is nothing new. Whether it’s a popular binge-worthy show on Netflix or HBO, popular networks rely on this core asset that has viewers flocking to their next episode in dedicated droves. But what does it really mean for businesses and how does it fit in to your own video branding strategy?

What Is Episodic Content?

Episodic content can be found in anything from books to TV shows and podcasts to tutorial video series. It’s basically any content, released at regular intervals, that follows one central topic or theme to help people stay engaged and build credibility.

How Does Episodic Content Fit in To Your Video Branding Strategy?

While you might initially think that creating a massive viral hit should be your goal on YouTube, brands need to focus on releasing consistent video content to build trust and relationships over time. Considering it takes an average of six to seven touch points with your audience before they become buyers, it’s important to connect again and again (and again) with a strong video campaign.

The type of content used in an episodic format can vary from informative tutorials, step-by-step explainer videos or behind-the-scenes clips on corporate culture. It all depends on what kind of service you provide or product you sell. The key is to know that you have enough interesting topics to create regular content that will entice viewers to come back for more.

Map out the subject matter you want videos created for and plan the order of topics so that it flows well and makes sense. Once you believe you have enough material, you can determine your posting frequency: monthly, quarterly, etc… and make it happen.

What Are the Benefits of Episodic Video Branding Content

Episodic video branding content helps you provide added value to your audience and keeps them invested. Here are just a few reasons why it’s so beneficial:

  • Returning Audience – If your episodic content is interesting to your audience, they will come back for more. Do a superior job of storytelling and they’ll follow your complete series.
  • Growing Subscriber List – When you have good episodic content, a growing subscriber list will naturally take place. Readers will subscribe if they want to know more about the next episode.
  • Boosting Credibility – Enhance the credibility of your brand as viewers become more familiar with what you’re all about. This not only builds trust with your target audience but also value.
  • Improving SEO – Episodic content that stays relevant to your brand can help your website’s ranking and gain the attention of Google and other search engines.

 How Can You Maximize Video Branding Efforts?

It ultimately comes down to your video branding strategy and how episodic content could (and should) fit in it. Consistency is an important consideration. But, in addition to a consistent delivery schedule, if you want to retain regular viewers, consistency of quality also matters.

At Shamrock Communications, we work with dynamic clients looking to expand their digital outreach; we offer all the tools you need to maximize quality video branding efforts, it’s just how we roll. For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.

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