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03 Jan Produce Big Views On A Small Budget

Video production has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Back To The Future and Weird Science were both released in 1985. The production value of these movies is campy by today’s standards, but at the time was considered to be stunning (at least back to the future). Before then, Star Trek was hopelessly void of any kind of visual effects, yet audiences loved it and played along because that’s what the story called for. We used our imaginations because we wanted to believe it was real. Most of us want to be fooled at a magic show. And at the movies today, it’s no different.

Fooling The Kids

Children see incredible computer graphics on Burger King ads and Target commercials. YouTube ads with brilliant motion graphics are skipped because they’re too boring. Kids don’t have the luxury of exercising their imaginations. They’ve been raised by media in the car, at the dinner table and in school. It’s hard, if not impossible, for them to not be skeptical of anything that’s not 100% believable. Hopefully your audience isn’t children, but if it is there are ways around this hurdle. Stylized animations, for example, are relatively cheap and effective ways to connect with a younger audience. Finding a company that specializes in video production in New Jersey is the first step in developing a strategy to start entertaining your customers, followers or employees.

Making Then Believe

Keeping someone’s attention is difficult. In order to break through the clutter or keep your employee’s attention for the ten-minute safety video you’re producing, you need to understand every detail of the message. The easiest way to do this is to keep the message simple. Like the simple, highly stylized animation, a simple or corny message may be easier to pay attention to or prove to be more rewarding for your employees or followers then if you were to take the serious, hardnosed route.

Making The Right Call

Deciding on the correct and appropriate tone for your video will only come through thoroughly understanding the message and your audience. Once you decide on how to best deliver your message and keep your audience’s attention, you’ll be ready to start developing ideas. At this point, or earlier, if you need help clarifying the message, hiring a company to help with video production in New Jersey will be the next step in creating a video that will stand up to some of this century’s toughest critics.

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