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Corporate Training Videos in NJ | Shamrock Communications
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Delicious Corporate Videos: More than Just Workplace Safety

Corporate Videos Are Delicious

Creating a library of corporate videos can feel like an overwhelming and perhaps daunting task to think about. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, building out your video library is a lot like making a meal, meals aren’t daunting… they’re downright delicious! Let’s take a look at the different meal courses as you whip up your next corporate video.

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    The Salad: Safety Video Production

    Like the salad, safety regulations and protocols should come first. They are required to be standardized by many different industries and can be extensive and complex. And like employee training videos (see below), safety videos ensure that nothing is lost in translation and greatly reduces the overall cost of training and orientation.

    The Meat and Potatoes: Employee Training Corporate Videos

    Corporate training videos are very important for businesses with multiple locations. For a company with more than one store, distributing reliable training materials can pose a challenge. Video-based training ensures nothing is misunderstood because the same content is being delivered at every location (across town…or across the country). When multiple locations are part of your organization’s mix, these are productivity gains that cannot be ignored. And since the heart of your company is your employees (they’re your meat and potatoes), you need a strong main course to serve up.

    The Side Dish: Educational Videos

    Attention spans keep getting shorter. With educational videos, you have the flexibility to add variety in your messaging, educate consumers and communicate on a different level. Time and time again, videos have been proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to motivating, engaging, and instructing individuals. And one surefire way to engage your audience is by creating a unique storyline and maintaining good quality throughout a company educational video.

    The Dessert: Cable Commercials and Website Video

    Everyone loves a good dessert (and videos…and videos about desserts). Your customers are demanding videos; they are one of the top forms of online mass communication today. In fact, research has found that watching videos helps viewers retain 80% more information, while reading text articles only results in a 20% retention rate. It no surprise that businesses, large and small, are choosing promotional video production as their primary online marketing strategy.

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      ShopRite Recipe Series Produced by Shamrock

      See what ShopRite’s Chefs are cooking up with a recipe series produced by Shamrock.

      Shamrock Communications Corporate Videos

      Here at Shamrock Communications, we work with dynamic clients looking to expand their digital outreach through corporate training films and create a presentation that conveys your company’s culture and messaging. We offer all the tools you need, it’s just how we roll. For more information on our services, visit our services page and contact our team with any questions today.

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