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Take Your Corporate Safety Training Videos to The Next Level

22 Mar Take Your Corporate Safety Training Videos to The Next Level

Corporate Safety Training VideosYour employees thrive in a safe work environment. Unfortunately, safety measures don’t always come naturally. No matter what industry you’re in, using corporate safety training videos is an effective way to help teach employees the precautions and policies they need to reinforce safe work practices and prevent injuries.

Welcome Aboard: 7 Ways Corporate Safety Training Videos Can Set Your Company Apart

Corporate videos can cover anything from updating company policies, reviewing important safety procedures, teaching proper product techniques, sharing specific onboarding guidelines for new recruits and much more.

Here are seven ways that using corporate safety training videos can set your company apart from the rest….and set you up for (safety) success.

1. Streamline Communications

Focusing on action, workplace safety videos streamline communications for companies of any size and get the message out fast. Whether you’re training new staff on safety precautions or ready to update outdated policy handbooks, corporate safety training videos deliver a consistent uniform message in an easy-to-understand format.

2. Increase Engagement

Because everyone learns differently, by providing a visually stimulating and engaging safety video format, you’re accommodating multiple learning styles. This allows your employees the opportunity to absorb the information at their own pace and review any sections they may have questions about.

3. View from Anywhere

Easily shared on multiple platforms and accessible via electronic channels, videos can be accessed at work, at home, or even on a job site. This kind of flexibility is what modern workers are looking for today.

4. Save Time and Money

Investing in a safety training video series will save your company precious time and money by eliminating the preparations and finances associated with facility costs or travel expenses each time a safety review is necessary. And it shows government agencies and organizations that you’re investing in keeping employees and job sites safe to reduce injuries.

5. Practice Continuous Improvement

When employees learn how to work safely, they establish continuity. Continuity leads to innovative methods to complete the same tasks faster and more efficiently; while at the same time, preventing accidents from happening in the first place.

6. Focus on Prevention

Safety and Health Magazine notes that employees don’t inherently know how to respond to a workplace hazard. It’s up to each organization to appropriately train employees on safety protocols; hazard recognition and safety training begins when each new worker is hired and should continue with refresher training under each specific department as necessary.

7. Increase Retention

A study performed by the American Society for Training and Development found that 41 percent of employees at companies with poor training planned to leave within the year, but in companies with excellent training, only 12 percent planned to leave.

Workplace Safety Training of Today

Safety training is not like it used to be. If you’re looking to increase engagement, interaction, and retention of information, turn to video.

Shamrock Communications specializes in producing informative safety videos in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing style. Find out more about taking your safety training to the next level with video; contact us today or call 732-686-1140.

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